To help clients prepare for a productive 2021, Hahn Loeser’s Construction Team is presenting complimentary, virtual training sessions for management and project personnel.

Topics offered by our Team to our clients include:
1.        Project Construction Contract Forms and Plain English Options for Negotiation;
2.        Managing Cost Plus GMP Contract Risks and Management of Changes;
3.        Managing Design / Build Contract Risks and Management of Cost and Risk;
4.        Subcontract and Vendor Forms;
5.        Scheduling and Project Management Tools;
6.        Construction Insurance Review;
7.        Project Documentation and Risk Management;
8.        Worksite Safety and Accident Investigation;
9.        Managing Upstream and Downstream Payment Processes and Risk; and
10.      Nurturing Surety and Banking Relationships.

If you are interested in discussing training options for your team, please reach out to Rob Remington, Chair of Hahn Loeser’s Construction Law Team.