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Robert B. Port has extensive experience in business tort litigation, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, nationally, including breach of contract, tortious interference with contractual relations, misappropriation of trade secrets, and breach of fiduciary duty. Robert has represented clients nationally in class-action lawsuits. He has a masters degree in mechanical engineering and worked as a research-and-design engineer for over a decade before switching careers.

In order to encourage and support the growth of minority and socially and economically disadvantaged businesses, the State of Ohio implemented several business assistance programs to foster the development of these businesses and increase the number of qualified competitors in the marketplace. Generally, these programs require Ohio state agencies to award a certain percentage of

The most common types of “differing and changed conditions” in construction contracts deal with subsurface issues such as inadequate support, unanticipated groundwater, or unanticipated natural or artificial subsurface obstructions. But what happens when an unusual differing and changed condition, such as an endangered species, or even an unexpected burial ground, impacts your project?
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